Develop Your Child's Physical Prowess While Instilling Values

Enroll them in a sports program or camp at the Christian Sports Academy of Birmingham, AL

You want your children to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. What better way to do that than to let them play an organized sport? Sign them up for a training, camp or sports team at the Christian Sports Academy in Birmingham, AL to give them exactly what they need! Participating in team sporting activities leads to a healthier lifestyle. Have your kids learn essential physical, social and life skills by engaging in:

• Basketball
• Football
• Cheerleading

Our programs are designed to set your kids up for success, and give them a chance to train with elite professional athletes. Your kids will have a blast playing with the greats. They’ll also learn all about developing strong moral values and building a positive attitude! Call to speak with one of the knowledgeable programmers at the Christian Sports Academy today about signing up.

Give the Gift of Confidence to Your Children

Let them train like a champion in Birmingham, Alabama!

Your children can’t turn into well-rounded members of society if they’re kept cooped up inside all day. Enroll them in a sport they’ll love and give them the chance to succeed! Christian Sports Academy is proud to provide a place for children of the community to have fun while furthering self-development. Your child will have the chance to learn a new sport, develop their physical skills and train with NFL and NBA athletes. We’ll instill them with confidence and impart valuable social skills that will carry them throughout their lives!

We have programs and camps for kids ranging in age from third graders to high school students. With so many sports to choose from, your child will have something to look forward to year round! Get in touch with the Christian Sports Academy to learn more about enrolling in one of our sports programs.

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